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I thank my sweet Jesus for the honor of capturing the spirit of life in the smiles, hugs, and tears of loved ones.  My photography was born out of the hardship of adversity and the hope of my Savior.  It has been a wonderful avenue for me to capture moments and package that warmth for others to enjoy - paying it forward on the blessings God has granted me during this time.  

My Loved Ones

I love Jesus with all my heart. I am blessed each day with His love, 
and I am grateful - even in adversity - for His faithfulness. Colossians 3:23
"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as unto God, not man."  
John 16:22

Photography has been the very tool that God handed me to help in the healing - - because He knew that it would be in the GIVING of my love and my heart that I would receive the most love.  My style of photography - countryside and barn portraiture - is unique to me and it is a way I have found to capture the soul of my subjects rather than the smile of them.  There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling that overwhelms us when we see sentiment and warmth in the form of a picture - past or present.  My style of photography is inspired by moments that bring us together-sipping lemonade while rocking on the front porch, riding on the tractor, fishing on the dock, walking through a field of wildflowers, rope swinging through the pines, jumping into the lake, piggy back rides, watching a deer, giggling at a baby armadillo, catching crickets, 
and taking in this sunset from the back porch...

I have had no formal schooling- simply years of portraits and pictures of those I love.  My first shoot was a favor to a friend.  She did me the favor!  She could have easily afforded the best of photographers for her shoot, but she knew that I was taking my passion for photography to a new level.  It is because of moms like her, that I was given the chance to capture children and better myself and move forward in life.  I took a hobby, put the word out there, and tried to move forward.  I was given another huge opportunity when I was hired by Andy Shivers.  I assisted him with weddings as a second shooter for 4 years, and I am a very blessed gal to have him as an award winning mentor.  I love home, and the sentiment that it brings.  Sentimental Studios is not affiliated with him in any way ... but in working with him, I now see that is a well-tuned craft which takes years of practice and education.  His fine reputation is based on the fact that he and his wife, Lori, have worked tirelessly for 30 years, committed to heirloom photography.  I can only hope that my time with him will better me as I go forward to other paths.  Every session is a learning experience for me,and I am very open about that with all  those that entrust me with their time.  I am hopeful that my eye, camera, and setting of your session will render some quality pictures that you will appreciate.  

     My inspirations
There is nothing quite like sitting in a south Georgia deerstand, picking cotton by hand from the fields, rolling the windows of the truck down to smell the crops, riding though the fields on a John Deere, or boiling the peanuts that were grown on the land I love to roam.  There is just something about hearing Luke Bryan on the radio and knowing that his songs are also inspired from my neck of the woods.  When you can stand at the same counter right beside a former US President all the while both are hugging and ordering a .75 cent hot dog with exact change -- well, it just reminds you that we all came from somewhere... we are all inspired.  My children inspire me to do what I love.  The woods filled with deer, armadillos, and coons - they inspire me.  There is nothing in this world like pulling on camouflage on a chilly morning and slowly walking through the woods to my favorite deer stand.  I came close to breaking my nose with the kick from a 30 alt 6 several years ago... and I was proud!  There is not much difference in shooting with a camera ... no kick, but boy the sheer adrenaline from a hit - whether it be a deer down from 150 yards (my first kill) or a shot with my lens dead on into the subjects sparkling eyes -- either I will gladly take with pride.  Whether your family shoot takes place on a farm... or on the greens of a beautiful golf course with a country club setting - I am inspired by families that come together.
I LOVE the things that inspire me.... most of all, my children - and I do it all for them!  I love giving to people.

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 "God works for the good for those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28
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