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Scheduling & Event Form 
Sessions include
                      *Your session with me (on location or studio) 
                    * A web designed evite to your family & friends
                    * Your personal gallery on my client site 
                    *A Sentimental Studios Leather Album                             
(professionally designed mattboard- thick pages with your top finelinen poses) 
*Your favorite  pose sent to you as your Facebook profile picture
Session Fees
Private Homecoming&Prom
$10/couple with 10 couples dropping in
(on Evt. page)
Event Packages
$300 - $500+ (on Evt. page)
Wedding Packages
$1,800 - $3,500 (on Evt. page)
Session Fee Payment
Session fee payments bookmark your session on the Sentimental Studios calendar. Until your fee is received, the date remains open on my calendar.  After consulting with me, either through email or cell, please swiftly arrange cash/check payment.  Session fees are for labor of shoot and do not apply toward print or portrait purchases, although you receive products equal to $90 included in your session fee.
 Session Mileage
All fees are based on local sessions .
For non-local sessions, clients are billed .60/mile which is added to the session fee and paid up front.
Session Tips
Newborns:  Please feed newborn 20 minutes prior to session.  Prepare to change diaper at appointment time, where newborn will spend first few minutes bare bottom.  Should the mother not be comfortable with the amount of pictures and poses due to newborn's disposition during session, she may schedule a follow up appointment for later that week for an additional  $25 charge.  Both sessions will be added together for a full album on the online gallery. Clothing:  Barebottom for baby; Black fitted tees w/ bluejeans for rest of family. 
Graduates:  Bring several change of clothes: 
1. casual (blue jeans, solid polo or button down, solid blouse, barefeet)
2. interest outfit (football uniform, football, golf gear, clubs, guitar, etc.)
Babies:  Wear soft solid clothing, heirloom outfits - suitable for indoor shoots with white backdrop.  Bring heirloom blanket or special items dear to baby.  Babies will either lay on tummy or sit up.  Small studio props are available for toddlers to hold onto - such as red Farmall tractor, Radio Flyer retro airplane,  miniature white whicker baby basket.  Babies younger than 12 months may wear simple or monogrammed baby bloomers only.  All babies 12 months or older must wear clothing.
Children:  Boys may wish to wear bluejean overalls, no shirts, barefeet.  Girls may wish to wear blue jeans with white fitted tee, barefeet.  For a timeless look, I suggest blue jeans or khaki pants with a solid polo short or button-down shirt for boys.  White sundresses are a sweet look for young girls.  I find that shoes distract from portraits.  I love barefoot photographs!
Maternity:  Less is more with this type shoot.  Seeing a mother's belly is the point.  Please wear a solid maternity top, form-fitting.  Either wear bluejeans or beach-style white maternity pants. You may consider a black or white camosole with matching (flowing) button down blouse.  Your shoot will be barefoot.  I will have  white and black scarves for covering chests - while you wear jeans or flowing pants - for those who would like a romantic style portrait for home or husbands.  I will be glad to password protect your online gallery.  Maternity shoots are suitable for indoor studio, but I find that a barn or haybrush field setting with bluejeans and exposed belly is stunning.
Family:  Please coordinate your family with khaki, white, bluejean + favorite color.  Please do not wear plaids or stripes.  Below are some mini-pictures of my beach family shots from years passed.  Don't hesitate to wear colors - as long as you coordinate.  I will arrange family so that all are visible to lens.  Whoever will be holding baby needs to wear an alternate color, so that the baby isn't lost in the picture.  Again, barefoot sessions are my favorite.
Multi-Family:  Please coordinate entire group with either bluejean or khaki.  Have each family wear a different color.  For example:  All subjects wear bluejean.  Dad's family wears pink shirts or blouses, Aunt Kathy's family wears white shirts or blouses.  As part of your session, I will photograph each side of the family separately after the full family shoot.
Event:  I will arrive at event and meet the event contact person.  Whether your event is an anniversary, family reunion or advertising, please make sure that the event contact arrives prior to my arrival to unlock venue and consult on location before event begins.
Wedding:  All wedding consultations take place in my home studio months prior to wedding.  At initial consultation, you will see samples of products included in your wedding package.  Plan to spend one hour consulting while we complete wedding forms.  Forms include names of wedding party and family, venue address and directions, accomodations, lighting, discussion of wedding day timeline, special portrait requests, unique family marital situations, signing of contract and payment of deposit.  Upon our consultation, your wedding day will be placed on the Sentimental Studios calendar, where your full day will be devoted to candid and portrait photography - from arrival at venue to throwing of bouquet.  All brides should plan on several meetings with me prior to wedding day:  consultation day and engagement shoot (if included in your package).  Engagement shoots should represent your personal style of dress - whether casual or dressy - please wear solid clothing.
Session Leather Albums
included in session fee
Visit the 'Leather Album' pages on this site 
Scheduling a session
1.  Please visit the 'Sentimental Studios event calendar' on this site for available dates. 
2.  Go to 'Contact Me' and send me a message regarding your interest of a particular date.  I will reply to you within the day. 
3.  Once we agree on a session date and time, your  session fee is due.  This fee is my labor fee and does  not apply towards any picture purchases.  I will bookmark your session on my 'Sentimental Studios' event calendar only when I receive your payment.
4.  During the week prior to your session, you will receive     communication of your preference:  email or phone call -  in     which we will speak regarding weather conditions and  directions to the session location.  We will also confirm timing -   as the I may need to move the time up or  back depending on cloud conditions.  Keep in mind that  picture quality depends greatly on the cloud conditions.  It  is important to be flexible when considering an outdoor  session.
5.  Once your session is complete,  you will receive an  email invitation to view your online gallery.  I will also request the email addresses of your family and friends so that I can  send them a formal evite to your gallery. 
Wedding Scheduling 
Refer to the above scheduling information paragraph to contact me.  In addition to that, the bride will be requested to meet with me and sign a wedding day contract.  This consultation will be placed on the calendar, will take place at my home studio, and will take approximately one hour.  On consultation day, the bride will sign a wedding contract and make the 50% deposit.  The 50% deposit is based on the wedding package choice.  The remaining 50% of package balance will be due two weeks prior to the wedding date.  Please go to the 'Wedding package' page in order to view a listing of the wedding packages.  Special gift options are offered to the brides choosing to pay total package price at contract signing. 
When considering my style of photography, please take a look at the wedding galleries on this site and, where you will find a wedding portfolio of all my weddings - both portrait and candid pictures included.  I want to make your day special - 'just keep in mind that I am in the process of mentoring and have had no professional training. Plan to meet with me several times before your wedding day.  -at consultation, your engagement shoot (should it be included in your wedding package) and your bridal shoot.  Your wedding day is the most important day for you - and for me.  Therefore, your wedding will be the only booking for the day.  I arrive at least four hours prior to ceremony - and you agree in your contract to be ready for photography at that time.  I agree to stay for as long as you wish, in order to capture all wedding, reception and candid photographs. 
Contact Information Form
City, State, Zip
Cell phone
Event Date
Event Time
Event Location
Emergency Contact (person with venu key/management)
Emergency Contact Cell
Check the Session type:
Maternity $250
Newborn $250
Children $250
Graduate $250
Family $250
Multi-family $300
Children's Birthday $250
Session fee: (due when date is confirmed) Make checks payable to Tonya Turner
I will mail check today to ensure booking.
I will pay cash today to ensure booking.
Check the Event type:
Wedding Package $1,800
Wedding Package $2,000
Wedding Package $2,200
Wedding Package $2,400
Wedding Package $2,600
Wedding Package $2,800
Wedding Package $3,500
Celebration Package A $250
Celebration Package B $350
Celebration Package C $450
Celebration Package D $550
Group Event Package A $250
Group Event Package B $300
Homecoming & Prom pictures (outdoor)
Outdoor Sports
Marketing & Publishing $250+ $20/hr
Wedding Package & Event Deposits (due when date is confirmed). Make checks payable to: Tonya Turner
50% Deposit to book calendar/ $50% due 2 wk. prior
Pay in Full (this adds products to your pkg.)
Event Form - clients who book events will be sent this form to archive information regarding contact information and package selection.
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