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Sentimental Studios Portrait Pricing
(orders placed directly through Tonya -
not  through the Zenfolio website shopping cart)
linen on
linen on
24 for $24
(10 poses)
 *the 4x6 album of 10 poses is included in your $250 session.  If your were given a free session, were an event guest, or would like a duplicate of your session book to give to parents and grandparents, your order will be $95.
Before completing this online form, please note that you must have a family album with picture numbers on my zenfolio client site.  My preference is that you request a client price card ( which I give to each client at the session) which can be completed with pen/pencil and sent to my address along with check payment for your order.  Until I am completely online with all my client orders, I would prefer a hard copy of your order.  Thanks.
Sentimental Studios Portrait Order Form
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Picture Size & Texture
Picture Quantity
Picture Size & Texture
Picture #
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Picture #
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Picture #
Picture Quantity
Picture Size & Texture
Picture #
Picture Quantity
Picture Size & Texture
Sentimental Studios Leather Album (pages are mattboard thick pictures)
4x6 (20 poses) $75
8x10 (20 poses) $150
List the 20 picture #s you wish to add to your album. (3, 4, 7, 8, 10)
Please let me know in the following box if you have any questions or if you would like to request additional products.
Subtotal your order. Add $5 for shipping. What is the total order amount?
My standard  portraits will be canvas on mattboard with a linen texture - unless otherwise requested  by the client.  All portraits can be made into a canvas, simply by placing your order directly through me - and not my zenfolio gallery site.  I would prefer only selling canvas portraits, but being someone who has spent thousands on gallery canvas portraits in the past,  I know all too well that it's heartbreaking to spend your whole budget on just one pose.  For this reason, I offer both an affordable online lab process for daily prints (what you could process on your own through a local lab), and a custom canvas order made directly through me (like high-end photography studios offer).   
                                       Standard Texture
I currently use only finelinen (for all small pictures) and  linen textures (fora all larger pictures) as it is tried and true, rendering a textured photograph without taking away from the subject.  All
canvas orders are 7 oz. weave unless otherwise noted.
~Canvas on Masonite~
Canvas on Masonite is heavier than standard double weight matboard and a great choice for canvas and extra support on larger pictures.  
Mounting Options
Single Weight Matboard                                Double Weight Matboard
Applying a canvas print to single or double weight matboard gives stability to a finished product.  It is the most cost effective way to give durability to your print. You will find the economy prints that you can order through my online gallery offer this style.  It's a great way to add durability without compromising your budget!
My standard
Canvas on 10oz. matboard 
For a few dollars less than masonite, you may request the 10oz. matboard
for your portrait.  Although there is only a $ difference, this
less expensive option may help those with larger orders.
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