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Studio Orders
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Finelinen, Linen, Canvas
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Studio Orders & Pricing
*cash/check orders only
*directly through Tonya
*matte, finelinen, linen, canvas, products,
leather albums, musical dvds, fun products,
*locally delivered or shipped abroad within 3 weeks
I will give you an order form at your session for those who like to sit in front of the computer with a pencil  :o)  or you can fill out the order form on this site and it will be sent straight to my email.  Browse  your album, find the pictures you would like to order. Picture numbers are at the top right corner of your picture when you move your mouse over that area.  Place the picture number on your form.  Fill in the form with your sizes, quanitity, finish and mounting options.  Fill in the price per the chart pricing, add shipping .  Mail or hand the form to me with your payment.  I will place the order and deliver within 3 weeks. 
Website orders
*debit/credit card payment only
*basic prints, fun products, mattboards
*website doesn't offer textured finishes... simply basic finish
*delivered to your mailbox within 5 business days
Double-click on the picture you wish to order.  Place it in your shopping cart.  After you have chosen all your picture  poses, then proceed to the cart.  In the cart, each of your  selected pictures will be lined up to approve.  You need  to make sure the cropping box is approved.  If you wish for a simple proof print, then you are finished with that picture.  If you would like to add a finish to your picture, select the frame & mount option button.  Add lustre coat and matteboard for just a few dollars.  Go through each of your selected shopping cart products and approve the cropping option.  If  you want your picture placed on an object, such as mouse  pad, shirt, holiday card, etc.... simply double click on the   picture you wish to have placed on the product and the site   will herd you into the product listing.  You can choose from almost  one hundred products.  At the end of your   shopping cart, you will be asked for billing information and  shipping address.  You may pay with debit/credit card.  Once you receive your order confirmation through the online processing company,  you will also receive an email from Sentimental Studios.  I will track your  order.  It should arrive in your mailbox within 3-5 business days! 
All purchasing, whether online or placed directly through me, will add shipping and handling charges at the bottom of your bill.  Each order has separate shipping and handling charge - as I use several companies to process prints, portraits and cards.   I will confirm all order totals with you before placement.       
Tax will be added to all product purchases.  Taxes are not added to services ( session fees ).  Taxes are added to any tangible product that I hand to you or that you receive through the online processing company. 
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