studios - by Tonya Turner
Client Comments
All of our pictures are gorgeous!  
They make my heart smile! 
You have been blessed with an amazing gift 
and a beautiful soul, 
which makes working with you so special. 
Thank you so much for your hard work 
and dedication.
It has been a wonderful experience 
working with you this past year.
I cannot wait to work with you again!
Joanna - May bride 2012

The pictures are WONDERFUL!   i am so glad that you were my wedding photographer.  I coudn't ask for better pictures. So many people saved your card and have told me how great the pictures are.  There are many more that are asking for the website.  I have already had some friends say they want you to take pictures of their kids.   Thanks again! 
~May Bride~
Ocala House- Leesburg, GA
Kimberly Guthas Hart
I LOVE these pictures!
Penny Black Pace
~proud mom of Southland Academy Senior,
 Tifton Pace~
September 2011
Oh Wow Tonya! The pictures are great!  When I play the music with them, I cry.... really.  I absolutely love them.  I have had so many peaople tell me how great the pictures are.You know how to capture a sweet girl in a sweet setting.  You are a talented lady.  Thanks for sharing that talent with us.
~ Mom of bride ~
Gail High
May 2011
Dear Tonya,
David and I wanted to thank you again for our engagement pictures.  We have received so many wonderful compliments!  Thank you for your time in making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience.  David was thrilled he didn't have to fake smile over and over again!  We are so excited you are a vital part of this beautiful journey.  We cannot wait to see you again.  Thank you for being so amazing!
Joanna & David
May 2012 Bride & Groom
St. Joseph's - Macon, GA
"We love the pictures!!!  The photographer in Atlanta had nothing on you!  We were so impressed by the difference in quality and personality - as well as the price!  We will be using you from now on!  Hope you had happy holidays! 
You are amazing!!!"
~Newborn mom~
Jessica Cole - Kathleen, GA
~Mother of Bride~
May 2010 Ocala House- Leesburg, GA
Laurene Guthas - Americus, GA 
The pictures are great!  I appreciate everything you have done.
 It was hard saying goodbye to David as he left for Afghanistan.
~ Mother of soldier and
first recipient of Portrait of Promise ~
May 2011
Your shots of Kate are very impressive!
~Clayton Turner, big bother~
Shockoe Studios Web Design
"..As good as Andy's. Very good pictures, love the old barn, Aunt Ruth would milk cows there, and your granddaddy too.  'Spent a day at her house playing while they fixed supper.  They will be special pictures since you have a connection to the one who first owned the land and barn.  I will carry my laptop and let mimi and gran see them. He will enjoy seeing that ya'll had your pictures made where he grew up."
~Mother of client~ L. Hagerson-  Plains, GA
"Best wishes with your career, and I will be in touch if we need more photography help in the future... Thanks!"
~Photography of President Jimmy Carter's homeplace & Habitat Village
Advertising consultant, Chamber of Commerce publication 2010~
Cal Duke - St. Simons, GA
Tonya, you did a fabulous job! 
You got some great shots! 
I know she will love them! 
You are a blessing. 
~Proud grandmother ~
Mary LeFever - Inscape Designs Americus, GA
"I love the canvas of my grandbabies! 
If there is a fire in my home,
it's the first thing I am grabbing!"
Betty Brewer - Ellaville, GA
"Your website is awe inspiring!  'Glad to see you are doing so well!"
~Childhood friend~
LaRae Snipes - Columbus, GA
Love my pictures!~Schley County Senior 2012~"Nanny Lauren""Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication in making our wedding day so special.  We will be forever grateful for your service.  We met at points of change in our lives and both benefitted from it.  We are forever in your debt."
~First Wedding couple~
Elijah & Kelley Canady - Atlanta, GA
"I just spent about 30 minutes looking at your website. I balled my eyes out watching the slide show.... besides the fact that the song is PERFECT for the pictures.... seeing your kids just made me loose it!  I shared your website with my mom and dad and they loved all your photography!"
~Best friend~
"Hi Tonya, thank you so much for capturing our wedding day for us, we really appreciated everything you did for us.  I viewed the pictures andmywedding pictures are beautiful! You've gotten so many compliments from my family and friends. I'm still waiting on someone to get married so I can get my free canvas! It's coming! THANKS AGAIN."
~May 2009 Bride~
LaShonda Josey - Americus, GA
"I like your website!  It looks great! The mother-to-be and her husband were so excited to get the gift certificate I purchased from you.  Thanks for being so accomodating.  The parents and grandma are so excited about you coming to their home to capture the newborn pictures!"
~Gift Certificate purchase~
Marteen Quinn - Warner Robins, GA
Simply beautiful work!
~Best friend & Hayride Birthday mom~
Jill Turner Williams - Albany, GA
"Maybe you should start a career in web page design. 
You make ordering cards much easier.
 Thanks for such beautiful pictures. We love them! 
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas
and thank you for ALL your help!"
~November 2009~
Vicki Bragg - Birmingham, AL
"Hi T! You look great in your pictures and I love your website.
You are a great photographer. I love your work."
Sheila Baldwin - Peachtree City, GA
"Hey T! Your website looks very professional.
It looks awesome and I love the song. 
The whole thing is very much YOU!!! 
Love it!"
~Best friend~
Jennifer Bullock - Atlanta, GA
"Hi Tonya
Thank you for showing up and fitting in!  All my family enjoyed you and I just want to give a personal thank you for doing what you do so well.    I have already reviewed the photo gallery. They look great! If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
~65th Wedding Anniversary~
Tami Tolbert - Dawson, GA
"Hey Tonya!
The pictures are WONDERFUL ! 
Thanks again for doing this! I can't believe you got some of those shots! He is so fast running around (Corban - age 1). We had such a great time down there!"
~August 2009~
Amanda Hanic - Cleveland, GA
"Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!
My cousin's daughter, recently got married
and you took the pictures. 
I am interested in you taking my
son's wedding pictures. "
~Web Browser~
D. Jones - Fayetteville, GA
"The pictures look great!
You are so sweet."
June 2009 GSWU Baseball Field Bride
Dana Cole Clark - Americus, GA
"Your pics of the kids (your kids) are absoluetly precious. I love them. I hope that you are doing well, and that everything is working in your favor. Hopefully the rainbow after the storm is somewhat visible to you at this time. Hope the kids are doing well."
Kim Oliver - Atlanta, GA
"Hi! Love your website!"
~November 2008 wedding guest~
Toni Johnson - Americus, GA
The pics of prom are GREAT!
Lisa Holloway & Debbie Harris
Americus, GA
Hey Ms. T,
You took great photos for us at Liz's house.
Do you have a facebook page?
~Schley High student~
Ashley Smith -Ellaville, GA
"Had I known you were taking the
pre-prom pictures for Kayla and Chad,
I would not have ordered the ones at school. 
Yours are much better!  There were several
out of town photographers that took wedding
pictures at our church this year.  I need to
mention you in the future."
~Schley County office staff & pastor's wife~
Faye Womack - Americus, GA
 "Don't you ever feel bad about your charge for your precious pictures! They are so worth the small price. Just think of all the time & thought you put into each picture.  Thanks for the beautiful pictures!! I ordered the one in the wagon. It's so adorable! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!! I loved the evite with my grandson's pictures.  It was a wonderful  & special Christmas for us!!I love the DVD! You are one amazing mom!"
~A loving Grandmother~
Doris Hood - Cleveland, GA
 "You are the best!  We love all the pictures you have taken of our family."
Lamar & Jan Bullock -Hoschton GA
 for my client and personal family albums visit:
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